Regional Manager - West | Farm Service Sales and Operations - Americas

James is from Springville, Utah and has fond memories of growing up around his dad’s business Giles Dairy Service which is now a dealership with Waikato Milking Systems. James would often ride along to make service calls, to see new parlor installations and it became a learning ground for what was to become a career in the dairy industry.

During his teenage years he worked in the warehouse for the business, moving through various duties to support the staff to deliver the best possible service to customers. James became involved in the logistical side of the warehouse which led on to a new role as schedule maintenance technician. He then moved into a sales role for equipment and route sales. Eventually he bought a share of Giles Dairy Service until 2020 when he sold his part in the business to begin work for Waikato Milking Systems. He is now the Regional Manager - West, Farm Service Sales and Operations for the company. James lives not far from where he grew up in Springville and has extensive knowledge and contacts in the dairy industry. There is quite a lot of travelling involved to keep in touch with all of the dairy properties around Utah and James also travels to neighbouring states to generate new opportunities for sales. He’s had particular success in Idaho, Texas and Michigan since joining the company. James wants to grow the aftermarket side of the business with a goal to double his efforts made during his first year with the company. Starting from scratch was a challenge in 2020 but one which James was keen to take on. He knows farmers are looking for good quality service and they want to be assured they’ll get good support behind the products they’re buying. James has worked hard to get the company brand, products and its aftermarket service well known in his region. Farmers have responded, showing a willingness to work with Waikato Milking Systems to grow their own businesses.