Family farms turning pro look for help to optimize their businesses

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20 Jul, 2021

Hoards Dairyman


“We have a lot of new technology but we’re also mindful that people like the simplicity of a milking system".

Reliability and functionality remain at the top of the list for those moving their family farms from hobbies to long term business ventures in North America.

We are seeing many farms grow in size. They’ve found ways to be more professional and that has a lot to do with better management,” said David Potter, Head of Sales Support & Operations in North America for Waikato Milking Systems.

“Those groups of dairy farmers are looking at optimization and that’s where we believe our Centrus Composite Rotary Milking System can play a big part in their development.”

The Centrus is unique to Waikato Milking Systems. It is made from composite material which means it’s much lighter and structurally superior than traditional concrete or steel rotary milking systems.

“It’s easier and more precise to install and when you are talking about a rotary, establishing a perfect center is critical for the longevity of the system.

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Source: Hoards Dairyman