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28 Oct, 2020

Southern Rural Life

Dunedin, NZ

Waikato Milking Systems has released a new suite of solutions to help farmers move into the emerging sheep and goat dairy industries.

The company already has experience installing small ruminant milking systems in Canada and more recently multiple projects in China.

It has taken those experiences and refined systems and technology to suit the unique needs of New Zealand farming conditions.

Waikato Milking Systems Small Ruminants Specialist Andy Geissmann has worked with Kiwi farmers over the past year to ensure there is an option to suit entry level or large scale farming operations, and everything in between.

Sheep and goat dairy products have the potential to demand premium market prices and therefore need a premium milking solution to extract the best value from the animals.

That’s what Waikato Milking Systems can deliver through its newly developed milking systems for small ruminants.

Andy has made sure the rotary and inline systems now coming on to the market, can achieve the best value for farmers, while ensuring optimum care of animals and staff during the milking process.

The systems are built for strength, durability and longevity. Milking automation technology has been applied at different levels for each of the systems to enhance performance, efficiency and productivity.

The rotary parlours for sheep and goats both feature rubber matting on the deck to reduce stress on the animals during milking. 

The systems can be configured, in bail size and technology, to match each farm’s unique condition.

For those looking for a cost effective entry into the small ruminants market, Waikato Milking Systems’ inline parlours for sheep and goats can be installed into existing cow sheds.

No matter what the situation, there is an option to suit, visit our website for more information on our goat and sheep milking solutions.

Source: Southern Rural Life