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03 Mar, 2021

Southern Rural Life

New Zealand

"The company developed specific milking solutions for dairy sheep and dairy goats".

Waikato Milking Systems has been successful in helping farmers enter, improve and increase their presence in the niche dairy goat industry. 

The company developed specific milking solutions for small ruminants, one for dairy sheep and one for dairy goats.

In the past year it has commissioned three new parlours for dairy goat farmers in the North Island.

It included an 80-bail Optima External Goat Rotary for Oete Goat Farm near Pukekohe and a replica of that system was installed for NZ Dairy Goats (NZDA) in the Waikato.

The third was for Goasir in Te Awamutu, a 2 x 32 double-up, Agili Goat Rapid Exit in-line milking system. 

Waikato Milking Systems Small Ruminants Specialist Andy Geissmann said Oete wanted a state-of-the-art milking system with high throughput, with animal and operator comfort. 

The plant had to be visually appealing to use as a visitor centre to host tour groups. 

The Oete project was a greenfield build. The farm had an old converted cow shed next door which it continued to use, along with the new rotary.

NZDA has experience in dairy cow and dairy goat farming, as well as milk processing. 

“That was a greenfield development as well and like Oete, NZDA was also looking for a system that could handle large throughput.”

The third goat shed for Goasir, was converted from a cow herringbone where all of the milk room equipment was able to be reused and only the milking equipment in the shed replaced.

Geissmann said the company also installed twin 90-bail rotary parlours for the Zhengbang Group in China and five, 60-bail rotary sheds for Shengjiang Group, also in China.

“The functionality of our small ruminants solutions can be tailored to manage large herd sizes or to improve throughput of smaller herds, providing more time for other farming tasks.”

Source: Southern Rural Life - Page 17