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01 September, 2021

Southern Rural Life

New Zealand

Dairy farmers are being encouraged to ensure their milk cooling systems are fit for purpose as the new milking season kicks off.

Waikato Milking Systems Head of Milk Cooling Craig Gibbons said all industries are dealing with supply chain challenges as the world battles to bring the international pandemic under control.

 “We know there can be delays in getting components or parts. So if there are milk cooling issues on farms, such as alerts from monitoring or from tanker collections, we recommend looking at solutions as soon as possible.

“Get on top of the problem before the season moves into peak milk flow volume and before the warmer summer weather arrives.”

Craig said there has been keen interest in Ice Banks for milk cooling systems.

“It’s a popular option because milk will enter the tank between 4-6 degrees and the system builds ice between milkings so there is no impact on power load during milking.

“The only item drawing power during milking is the small pump to send the cold water through the plate cooler.”