Junlebao Dairy Group | Hebei province China


Dairy Type: Orbit Concrete Rotary

60 Bails

1600 cows

Commissioned 2019

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“  The new parlour is currently operating 15 hours a day, milking 1600 cows, three times a day.”

A robust milking system which can operate 21 hours a day achieves the tick of approval from Junlebao Dairy Group in China.

The company purchased its sixth Orbit Concrete Rotary, 60 bail milking parlour from Waikato Milking Systems in 2019 and it was commissioned in October of the same year.

Waikato Milking Systems China Manager David Morris said it was the strength and reliability of the system which appealed most to Junlebao.

It’s why the dairy company installed the latest rotary for its farming operation in the Hebei Province.

“The new parlour is currently operating 15 hours a day, milking 1600 cows, three times a day.

It’s the high quality of our equipment, components and technology which allows the Orbit Concrete Rotary to be worked at that high level.

“That’s really critical for large milking operations where they want to milk their herds up to four times a day.”

The five other Orbit Concrete Rotary parlours installed for Junlebao were 80-bail milking systems.

This one at Hebei Province features a Multi Roller undercarriage made from nylon polymer material, engineered for industrial applications.

David said the rotary is coupled with Afimilk Herd Management systems. Three people operate the rotary and are all stationed at cups on.

“They are there to dip, wipe, strip the teats and place the clusters,” David said.

The deck of the platform has leg spreaders to make it easier for the cups to go on and there are also rubber mats to improve cow comfort.

David said the farm was one of the first in China to have American Holstein Friesians
which can produce A2 milk, pure and natural dairy milk. The installation time was 19 days and not without its challenges.

“Due to a number of typhoons which passed across China, construction was delayed several weeks.

“But our installation team worked extended hours and the project was completed on time.”


Parlor Components

  • Multi Roller
  • Bullet Leg Spreaders
  • Afimilk Herd Management
  • HD Bails.