Shengjiang Group | Hohhot, China


Optima External Goat Rotary

Twin 90 Bail

5 x 60 Bail

Milking Total 28,000 Goats

Commisioned 2020

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"After two weeks of operation of the first rotary, it now takes less than one hour to milk 500 goats, compared to half a day, using a small two-point milking cart machine, to process the same number of animals".

The dairy goat industry in China is expanding rapidly and milk processors are moving fast to support their farmers so they can secure a reliable supply of milk.

That’s the case for the Shengjiang Group, which processes the milk for the Zhengbang Group, near Hohhot in Northern China.

Zhengbang operates twin, 90-bail Optima External Goat Rotary parlours, manufactured by Waikato Milking Systems and installed in 2020.

The twin goat rotary parlours, built side by side in the same building, are thought to be the first of their kind in the world.

The farm manager of the property said the new Waikato Milking Systems equipment is efficient, and the vacuum is stable.

“After two weeks of operation of the first rotary, it now takes less than one hour to milk 500 goats, compared to half a day, using a small two-point milking cart machine, to process the same number of animals.”

When the twin rotary systems are fully operational they will be milking 4500 goats on each.

The two rotary systems will each have a throughput of 800 animals per hour.

Shengjiang Group also commissioned Waikato Milking Systems to install five, 60-bail Optima External Goat Rotary parlours on other farm properties near Hohhot.

As herd numbers increase, each of the 60-bail rotary parlours will be milking 3000 goats and putting through 550 animals per hour.

A second twin rotary installation was also completed this year for Weihe Farming west of Gansu. These two are each 100-bail systems which will milk 5000 goats each with a throughput of 900 animals per hour.

Another two 80-bail rotary systems will be installed in the South of China this year for separate customers.

Waikato Milking Systems Country Manager - China, David Morris, said most of the new external goat rotary systems will operate at 50 per cent capacity in the first year until the herd numbers increase.

He said nine of the 11 parlours will be optioned with the highest specifications for milking automation, to increase efficiency and reduce labour requirements.

It included automatic cluster arm positioning to make cupping the animals faster with less operator fatigue, as well as automatic drafting to quickly sort the goats post milking.

Each rotary is installed with Waikato Milking Systems’ NaviGate Dairy Management System.

The Optima External Goat Rotary system has been designed to reduce the stress of the animals at milking time. The entire stainless steel deck is fitted with rubber matting, to make it comfortable for the goats while they’re standing on the platform at milking time.

The auto clamping headlocks ensure the goats remain secure in the bail and can only see what is in front of them, so they’re not tempted to jump over into the next bail.

David said the project timeframe, from when the contract was signed to delivery of the first three rotary systems to the farm, was three months.

Most deliveries, from New Zealand to China, were completed in multiple dispatches.

He said a typical time to install a system was about a month, from start to finish.

“Installation for the seven Hohhot rotary systems was completed in three months, with three installation teams working seven days per week.

“Due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, the commissioning work by New Zealand technicians, which is usually done on site at the farm, had to be supported from New Zealand via many Zoom meetings.”

David said New Zealand’s reputation as a leader in agricultural technology, and Waikato Milking Systems reputation for designing quality products, proved to be a major attraction for dairy farmers and producers in China.

“We visited these customers many times over a 12 month period to build a trusted partnership, to build rapport and understanding of their business, to ensure we could meet their expectations.

“China is a market that is rapidly growing in the small ruminants sector and it is looking for options to enhance that growth, through innovative technology and animal management systems.”


Parlor Components

  • Cluster Presentation Arm
  • Navigate Dairy Management system with auto drafting