Eeensgenzind Farm & Dairy | SOUTH AFRICA


Danie and Ananda Louw

Centrus Composite Rotary

84 Bail

1100 Cows

Commissioned 2016

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"Centrus helps realise our vision for the farm"

Danie Louw joined the family farm, Eeensgenzind, in 2000 and, over the following years, progressively increased the herd making it one of the largest dairy farms in South Africa.

A new parlour was needed to support this growth and Danie chose an 84-bail Centrus Composite Rotary because of its extreme lightness, strength and durability translate to lower maintenance costs over time.

“When we built the dairy we were milking 900 cows but planned to increase the herd to 1100 and eventually 2000 cows, so we needed a parlour which would keep pace with our development.

“It’s the newest technology on the market and the best. I chose it because I want to enjoy coming to work every day. It’s faster milking. The way that the cows fit and stand on the platform is better. You can see they are more comfortable with the rubber mats on the platform.

“There are technologies that are nice to have but which don’t really pose a cost saving. I make sure that the technologies I invest in are really beneficial to the farm’s management and are value for money.”

The new parlour together with the AfiMilk herd management system was opened on 16 June 2016 and comfortably milks between 400 and 450 cows per hour. Danie estimates it is capable of comfortably milking 1100 cows in three hours.

“The new platform and technology has a tremendous impact on time management – we used to milk for 17 hours a day but now that’s down to 7 hours a day freeing-up time for other aspects of the business.

“The Centrus Composite Rotary platform and the technology is helping us realise our vision for the farm.”


Parlor Components

  • SmartECRs
  • SmartPULS