As an add-on module to DairyHQ™ Dairy Management System, DairyHQ™ SORT allows you to quickly and accurately sort your animals automatically, according to your specific instructions, with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

The DairyHQ™ SORT system incorporates an RFID Antenna that is fitted to a sort gate, which reads the identification tags of each animal as it approaches. With three-way sorting, the gate directs each animal to the left, right or straight ahead moments before the animal approaches the gate - depending on your pre-loaded or updated instructions. The gate operates quickly, quietly and smoothly, providing a calm environment for the animals to be sorted.

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DairyHQ™ allows you to take control of your milking machine to drive your milking productivity and performance.

Reduce labour costs

DairyHQ™ SORT eliminates the need to manually sort animals, freeing up labour to work on other important farm tasks.

Increase Efficiency

By allowing you to automatically identify and sort animals that require attention, or require early health intervention, you can make better long-term decisions for your herd to increase your efficiency.

Accurate Sorting

DairyHQ™ SORT takes the guesswork out of manually identifying and sorting your animals by organising your herd according to your instructions - and allowing you to generate reports to double-check and review your sorting programmes.

User friendly

The user-friendly interface features large touch-screen buttons and text areas to provide ease-of-use for operators in any milking environment on a smartphone, tablet, desktop computer, or on a large touch-screen display.

The Dairy HQ™ SORT system allows you to:

• Create a sort function to automatically hold selected animals for health reasons, or for culling.
• Schedule animals to be sorted on a specific date and milking session.
• Select specific groups of animals to be sorted. 
• Automatically sort animals that present at milking with faulty, or no identification tags, so they can be replaced.
• Sort animals with new identification tags that are not registered with your farm’s herd database.
• Detect which animals in your herd were not present at milking time via the sort report.
• Import herd data from third party herd management software systems, or export herd data for other herd management systems. 
• Apply a quick sort to a cow using the “Sort ASAP” feature if a cow presents with a problem and needs to be held for inspection at the end of milking - bypassing the need to set a date and reason for the sort.

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