Hands-free weighing, that walks the talk.

The Waikato Milking Systems Walkover Weigher utilises EID tag technology to regularly record individual weights so you can monitor weights, trends and changes to identify poor performers, animal health issues and to optimise your breeding programme.

By integrating the Walkover Weigher in your shed’s exit race, you are able to record your cows’ weights at every milking to constantly monitor their performance - without stopping them on the platform.

The hands-free system assists you to monitor weight trends to identify sick or lame animals early, adjust feed to extend peak milk, minimise treatment waste and oversee animal condition for successful breeding. The system provides accurate weight trends with an accuracy of +/- 3% across 90% of animal weights when using the weekly average of each animal’s processed daily recordings.

Auto zero functionality ensures any dirt or muck build-up on the platform is automatically zeroed out. The Walkover Weigher is designed to be integrated with third party software capable of interpreting and analysing data - and to filter out any incorrectly captured data to build up statistically accurate weight trends over time.


The Waikato Milking Systems Walkover Weigher allows you to constantly monitor your cows’ weight trends.

Record what you need

Stores up to 100 weighing sessions and 30,000 animal records, and integrates with third party software.

Built tough for dairy environments

Features a water, dust and shock-proof IP67 case with a durable double-walled construction.

Bluetooth® connectivity

The Bluetooth® wireless interface connects to the EID reader or third party management system.

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