ECR PLUS | Optional Features For In-Line Systems

Yield Indicator Image




  • No moving parts means zero maintenance
  • Measures milk volume and milking profile
  • Excellent tool to show milking trends for each animal
  • Large inlet and outlet nozzles ensure very low vacuum drop

The Yield Indicator is a zero maintenance free flow milk volume sensor. When combined with NaviGate Dairy Management Software, it is possible to track each animal’s milking performance over time. 

This data can be used to change feed regimes, improve milking procedures or cull under-performing animals. 

Electronic Milk Meter Image




  • High accuracy (ICAR Pending)
  • Can measure milk conductivity to help identify potential udder health issues
  • Designed to suit high flow rate while maintaining stable teat end vacuum
  • Know exactly how each animal is performing at every milking

The Waikato Electronic Milk Meter gives you an accurate clear picture of how each animal milks at every milking. Not just total volume, the EMM gives the milking profile of each animal which shows how she milks. This indicates milking procedure performance and cow comfort. Production volumes help design better feed regimes for each animal and measuring milk conductivity can be an early indication of potential udder health problems.

SmartD-TECT Image




  • Individual quarter conductivity provides early warning of potential udder health issues, reducing treatment time and cost
  • SmartD-TECT can reduce milking time by simulating pre-milking, prep routine as part of every cow milking
  • Performs the same routine every milking without operator intervention

SmartD-TECT delivers three milking functions without the operator changing the milking routine.

The system delivers traditional 2+2 pulsation during milking however during the pre-milking phase, it milks each quarter separately and measures the conductivity of each. This eliminates issues with dilution between quarters, delivering an accurate alert for a potential udder problem.

The pre-milking phase replicates udder stimulation. By having the same pre-milking routine every time, cows let their milk down sooner and at a higher average flow rate, reducing milking time for each animal.

The SmartD-TECT can be set to alert for a small conductivity change where no action may be required or only for animals with a high conductivity, where urgent action is needed. The system can be adjusted via the SmartCONTROL.

Bail Display Image




  • Shows real time milking information
  • Display shows alerts by flashing red
  • Animals can be drafted from the display

The Bail Display device shows the operator the exact status of each animal including any alerts that may have occurred.

Mounted on a 60° angle above the operators, the Bail Display is easy to read without getting in the way of typical milking operations. 

The device uses a backlit LCD display which features large characters to make reading the information and data quick and easy. 

Bright red, flashing LEDs illuminate the back of the Bail Display device when there is an alarm.  

This means the operator can easily detect an issue, and take the appropriate action quickly, whether they are in front of the display or looking from behind. 

Shows real time milking information incl: Current Yield & Flow Rate**, Milking Time, Animal ID***, Operator Alerts.

**  Needs Yield Indicator or Milk Meter.

***  NaviGate In-Line.

Swing Arm ACR / Detacher Image




  • Improves Cluster Alignment and reduces pull on the cups during milking
  • Stainless Steel chassis and cylinder are robust and last longer
  • Creates a clear space for operators to move along the pit
  • Swing through a 60° angle from centre to correctly lines up with animal
  • ACR/Detacher on swing arm makes it easier to fit in parlours with lower roofs

Waikato Swing Arm ACR/Detachers are designed specifically for high line herringbone dairies.

The sleek design not only looks good but also includes a large number of features to improve the whole milking process.

These features include an incorporated ACR Cylinder with pulley to make cluster removal smooth and gentle. As well, it makes the unit very easy to maintain. All the milk and pulsation tubes are housed inside the main chassis meaning you do not need to service or maintain these parts.  

The Swing Arm includes AutoSTART as standard – all the milker has to do is lift the cluster and attach to the animal. The rest is completely automated and performs the same, time after time.

Vertical Ram ACR / Detacher Image




  • Ezy Pull-Down valve reduces operator fatigue
  • Adjustable retraction speed ensures clusters are gently removed from the animal ensuring udder health
  • 2 to 1 pull ratio creates a strong retraction force creating more consistent operation

Waikato Vertical Ram ACR/Detacher is a combination of stainless steel take off cylinder and vacuum valves. 

This allows the valves and electronics to be placed up above the machine reducing the chance of accidental damage and increasing the life of the ACR.

It combines a wide range of features like AutoSTART, which allows for quick cupping. It has Ezy Pull-Down to make moving the cups from side to side easier and also has adjustable retraction speed for cow comfort. The Vertical Ram is designed to be easily maintained without specialist tools and requires nothing more than regular greasing to give years of trouble free, consistent, reliable operation.



The pulsation is “rippled” for excellent vacuum stability and very quiet operation. Diaphragm operated pulsators deliver gentle pulsation to cleanly and gently milk cows. 

* If you upgrade to Smart-DTECT this option is not required.