• Shows real time milking information
  • Display shows alerts by flashing red
  • Animals can be drafted from the display

The Bail Display device shows the operator the exact status of each animal including any alerts that may have occurred.

Mounted on a 60° angle above the operators, the Bail Display is easy to read without getting in the way of typical milking operations. 

The device uses a backlit LCD display which features large characters to make reading the information and data quick and easy. 

Bright red, flashing LEDs illuminate the back of the Bail Display device when there is an alarm.  

This means the operator can easily detect an issue, and take the appropriate action quickly, whether they are in front of the display or looking from behind. 

Shows real time milking information incl: Current Yield & Flow Rate**, Milking Time, Animal ID***, Operator Alerts.

**  Needs Yield Indicator or Milk Meter.

***  NaviGate In-Line.