• Individual quarter conductivity provides early warning of potential udder health issues, reducing treatment time and cost
  • SmartD-TECT can reduce milking time by simulating pre-milking, prep routine as part of every cow milking
  • Performs the same routine every milking without operator intervention

SmartD-TECT delivers three milking functions without the operator changing the milking routine.

The system delivers traditional 2+2 pulsation during milking however during the pre-milking phase, it milks each quarter separately and measures the conductivity of each. This eliminates issues with dilution between quarters, delivering an accurate alert for a potential udder problem.

The pre-milking phase replicates udder stimulation. By having the same pre-milking routine every time, cows let their milk down sooner and at a higher average flow rate, reducing milking time for each animal.

The SmartD-TECT can be set to alert for a small conductivity change where no action may be required or only for animals with a high conductivity, where urgent action is needed. The system can be adjusted via the SmartCONTROL.