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  • Improves Cluster Alignment and reduces pull on the cups during milking
  • Stainless Steel chassis and cylinder are robust and last longer
  • Creates a clear space for operators to move along the pit
  • Swing through a 60° angle from centre to correctly lines up with animal
  • ACR/Detacher on swing arm makes it easier to fit in parlours with lower roofs

Waikato Swing Arm ACR/Detachers are designed specifically for high line herringbone dairies.

The sleek design not only looks good but also includes a large number of features to improve the whole milking process.

These features include an incorporated ACR Cylinder with pulley to make cluster removal smooth and gentle. As well, it makes the unit very easy to maintain. All the milk and pulsation tubes are housed inside the main chassis meaning you do not need to service or maintain these parts.  

The Swing Arm includes AutoSTART as standard – all the milker has to do is lift the cluster and attach to the animal. The rest is completely automated and performs the same, time after time.