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Reduce your labour, and increase your productivity with SmartD-TECT’s automation technology.

SmartD-TECT automates your stimulation and prep routine by delivering three valuable milking functions, without adding any additional tasks for the operator:    

Eliminates fore-stripping
• Pre-milking stimulation

• Udder health detection

With SmartD-TECT, the cluster can be attached immediately after the teat wiping process. This ensures the same milking routine every time - without the operator needing to estimate the best attachment time, or missing the best time if they become distracted.

By removing processes and the variabilities of operators - SmartD-TECT provides consistency in performance, and productivity advantages that no other conventional milking system offers.


Eliminate fore-stripping. Reduce labour. Increase productivity
By automating your milking stimulation and prep routine, SmartD-TECT eliminates fore-stripping to reduce the number of employees required in your parlour, while increasing your productivity. With SmartD-TECT, the pre-milking phase replicates udder stimulation. And by having the same pre-milking routine every time, cows let their milk down sooner, more consistently, and at a higher average flow rate - reducing the overall milking time for each animal.


Udder Health Detection
In a conventional milking system, SmartD-TECT’s unique individual quarter testing delivers the most accurate alert for abnormal milk. The alert can be set for a range between a very small conductivity change in animals, where no action may be required - right through to a very high conductivity alert for animals in need of urgent attention. The choice is yours and the sensitivity settings can be easily adjusted to suit your individual preference via SmartCONTROL. When an udder health Issue is detected - abnormal milk will show as a red flashing alarm during milking - at the milking point, and in the herd management system if you’re using one. By identifying the onset of mastitis up to four days before visual signs are evident, SmartD-TECT provides you with the ability to make decisions about your animals before they cost you productivity - and enable you to make data-driven decisions on your herds health.

How does SmartD-TECT work?

During the pre-milking phase, the pulsator milks each quarter separately and measures the conductivity of each. Individual quarter conductivity allows SmartD-TECT to eliminate issues with dilution between quarters to deliver a highly accurate alert for a potential udder problem - unlike other systems that measure the whole udder conductivity.

If any quarters are abnormal, you will be alerted up to four days before visual signs are evident. This provides automated detection of problem animals and potential udder health issues, without being completely reliant on employees to detect them - reducing treatment time and cost. The SmartD-TECT process creates a natural let-down response, and performs a consistent routine every milking without operator intervention.


Seamless Integration

SmartD-TECT integrates seamlessly into any conventional rotary or in-line milking system.

Whether it’s a retro-fit, or a new installation - our authorised Waikato Milking Systems dealers will provide quick and easy installation of the SmartD-TECT system, and remain available for reliable ongoing support and servicing should you require it.

SmartD-TECT Components

The technologically advanced SmartD-TECT Pulsator, SmartD-TECT Sensor and SmartCONTROL components all work together smoothly and continuously to automate your pre-milking stimulation and udder health detection.

 SmartD TECT Components