SmartSpray (Pre & Post) Image

SmartSpray (Pre & Post)


  • Reduces labour in the parlour
  • Sprays every cow, every time
  • Acts as leg spreader, making cupping easier
  • Pre-milking spray option (only with Navigate Dairy Management) which reduces labour

SmartSPRAY is an innovative automatic teat spray system designed specifically for rotary dairies.  

SmartSPRAY replaces the need for manual teat spraying and teat dipping before and after milking. This greatly reduces labour during milking, while ensuring maximum coverage regardless of the cow’s position in the bail. SmartSPRAY is directly controlled by Waikato ECR-S and ECR Plus cup removers. When combined with Waikato Milking Systems cup removers the SmartSPRAY can be set to not spray animals that are returning to the operator. This minimises accidental contamination of milk if the cluster is re-attached.

No operator input is required during milking other than filling the tank with teat spray. The tank is mounted underneath the rotary.

SmartSpray (Post milking only) Image

SmartSpray (Post only)


  • Can be configured with up to four nozzles
  • Saves labour and prevents operator errors
  • Sprays every animal as they finish milking

SmartSPRAY is an innovative automatic teat spray system designed specifically for rotary dairies. 

SmartSPRAY replaces the need for manual teat spraying and teat dipping after milking. The spray operates while the cow is still restrained in the bail, ensuring effective application. This greatly reduces labour during milking, while ensuring maximum coverage regardless of the cow’s position in the bail.




  • Meet compliance requirements
  • Easy to install and inexpensive to maintain
  • Reliable and precise spray pattern
  • Compatible with any milking system
  • Affordable automation
  • The fastest ROI on the market
  • Speeds down to 3.8 seconds per stall

Automate your pre and post spraying routine, reducing labour costs, to grow the value of your dairy


Exact WMSVersion

With over 750 systems installed worldwide the Teatwand Exact is an accurate and reliable automatic teat spray system for your rotary parlor.

Our control system allows for pre-spray and/or post-spray units to be installed, removing expensive labor units from your operation. 

Excellent coverage combined with an affordable system giving you a possible 6-8 month return on investment. 



The Teatwand Rapid is a game changing automatic system for large fast-moving rotaries. 

Fast and effective, able to spray at speeds of down to 3.8 seconds per stall.


High quality nozzles
Less blockages, reduced maintenance costs

Accurate movable arm
Places nozzle in the correct position each time for an accurate teat spray

Patented flexible arm
Minimizes animal or machinery interference. Saving repair costs

Efficient twin spray nozzles
360 degree teat coverage 

Advanced sensors and user-friendly interface
Adaptable system to customize a spray pattern for individual animals  


Rotary platforms are fitted with the our unique ‘leg spreader bullet’ cow positioners. This robust attachment can be supplied in polypropylene plastic. The leg spreader bullet units are bolted onto the floor of each stall. This positions the cows feet and allows easy access to the cows udder. 


A series of advanced sensors accurately locate the cows position on the platform as she nears the exit / entry areas. This information is communicated directly to the Teatwand controller.

  • If the cow is still milking
  • An accurate position of where the cow is inthe stall (pushing forward or leaning back)
  • Platform direction and speed
  • Adjustable spray patterns and timings
  • Easy to use touchscreen controller

Download CHINESE version of the Teatwand Brochure


Walkover Sprayer Image



  • The optical sensor technology automatically deploys two or four spray nozzles according to the speed of the cows entering or exiting the milking parlour for accurate teat spray coverage
  • The automatic nozzle wash function reduces teat spray build-up and ensures nozzles are always clean
  • Robust stainless steel construction for reliability, longevity and performance
  • Optional online monitoring allows you to check the WalkoverSPRAYER is functioning correctly, and to monitor the number of cows sprayed and volume of teat spray used


The WalkoverSPRAYER has been designed for herringbone and parallel dairies to accurately teat spray cows as they enter or exit the milking parlour to improve your efficiency and productivity. 

The system identifies individual cows and automatically adjusts to increased cow flows to ensure accurate spray coverage regardless of how fast the cow is moving over the unit. 

At a normal walking pace the WalkoverSPRAYER automatically deploys two spray nozzles to accurately spray all four teats, and deploys all four nozzles if the cows are moving faster.


There are two different options for locating and installing the WalkoverSPRAYER system, depending on the size and configuration of your dairy:

Large dairies

For large dairies, and dairies with limited exit yard space, two WalkoverSPRAYER systems can be installed - one for each row of the exit area. By installing the system close to the exits your cows are sprayed quickly after milking while ensuring less disruption to your cow-flow. It also reduces contamination from splashing in the yard, and minimises the maintenance required.

Small and medium-size dairies

For small and medium-sized dairies, one WalkoverSPRAYER system can be installed on an exisiting single-file exit lane, or in another location where you have available yard space to create a single-file lane. The system must be located prior to a drafting/sort gate and as close as practical to the exit area. 

NOTE:  If the location of the WalkoverSPRAYER system is in a windy environment, fitting solid panels to the yard rails on each side of the unit will help to prevent spray drift.