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  • The optical sensor technology automatically deploys two or four spray nozzles according to the speed of the cows entering or exiting the milking parlour for accurate teat spray coverage
  • The automatic nozzle wash function reduces teat spray build-up and ensures nozzles are always clean
  • Robust stainless steel construction for reliability, longevity and performance
  • Optional online monitoring allows you to check the WalkoverSPRAYER is functioning correctly, and to monitor the number of cows sprayed and volume of teat spray used


The WalkoverSPRAYER has been designed for herringbone and parallel dairies to accurately teat spray cows as they enter or exit the milking parlour to improve your efficiency and productivity. 

The system identifies individual cows and automatically adjusts to increased cow flows to ensure accurate spray coverage regardless of how fast the cow is moving over the unit. 

At a normal walking pace the WalkoverSPRAYER automatically deploys two spray nozzles to accurately spray all four teats, and deploys all four nozzles if the cows are moving faster.


There are two different options for locating and installing the WalkoverSPRAYER system, depending on the size and configuration of your dairy:

Large dairies

For large dairies, and dairies with limited exit yard space, two WalkoverSPRAYER systems can be installed - one for each row of the exit area. By installing the system close to the exits your cows are sprayed quickly after milking while ensuring less disruption to your cow-flow. It also reduces contamination from splashing in the yard, and minimises the maintenance required.

Small and medium-size dairies

For small and medium-sized dairies, one WalkoverSPRAYER system can be installed on an exisiting single-file exit lane, or in another location where you have available yard space to create a single-file lane. The system must be located prior to a drafting/sort gate and as close as practical to the exit area. 

NOTE:  If the location of the WalkoverSPRAYER system is in a windy environment, fitting solid panels to the yard rails on each side of the unit will help to prevent spray drift.