Control your information and data, to make better management decisions

From drafting individual animals to feeding for production, the NaviGate Dairy Management System is the tool to measure, monitor, maintain and control what happens in your dairy. Reduce labour through automating processes, managing cow performance and alert to critical issues by animal. Make informed decisions to improve the overall productivity and profitability of your farm.

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  • Easy three-way drafting
  • Basic reports on number of cows drafted or cow count
  • It has smartphone or tablet connectivity
  • Ability to set future and repetitive drafts
  • It has a basic draft console and remote

By installing NaviGate Access you’re on the first step to reducing your workload in the shed. 

NaviGate Access will ensure the right animals are drafted every time. Future and repetitive drafting is available with the system, and simple reporting such as cow count, animals drafted by direction and historical drafts give the operator a full view of all animal movements. Smart phone and tablet connectivity (within WIFI range of the parlour) allows the operator to connect with the system and add drafts as animals are identified. 

The sort gate has been designed for optimum strength and durability, and its quiet movement minimises stress on the animals. Give yourself the time to focus on other parts of farming operation knowing your animal sorting is in a safe pair of hands.

For more information download the NaviGate Brochure 

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  • Easy three-way drafting
  • Create your own dynamic draft groups from the herd management data
  • Event recording to track animals' health events, births, mating, pregnancy tests and more
  • Review individual and herd data on console display inside the parlour
  • Suited for herringbone or rotary parlours

The NaviGate Advance system is the next step up the dairy management system, taking all the benefits of the drafting system and adding the herd management component. 

The drafting function is enhanced through access to your herd records giving the operator the ability to create individual or dynamic groups based on selected attributes.  

This data is displayed on the parlour mounted console and in the shed office, allowing for decision making at the time of milking or at a time that suits. The operator can enter specific cow data on the shed console including calvings, heats and matings, culls, dry offs, health issues and the status of treatment regimes.  

An extensive range of reports is available and the ability to customise reports provides the operator will a full view of their herd and assists with decision making. 

For more information download the NaviGate Brochure 

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  • Cow-to-bail identification allows for accurate feeding and animal management
  • Event recording to track animal’s health, births, mating, pregnancy tests and more
  • Option to upgrade to milk meters, providing a production view of every animal
  • Large display consoles at cups on and cups off

The NaviGate Premium is our top level dairy management system.  It builds on the technology of the NaviGate Advance and NaviGate Access systems to provide you with a powerful tool to efficiently manage your herd’s production. 

The power of the in-bail identification feature, combined with a full herd management function, enables you to collect, record, edit and review data on each cow in your herd.

This information enables you to make better long-term management decisions for your dairy operation. 

If information such as milking times, flow rates, pulsation and conductivity are important then adding products from our ECR Plus range to your NaviGate Premium system will provide production and health data in real-time.

Udder health problems are quickly identified by combining NaviGate with SmartD-TECT. By measuring the conductivity of each quarter, an accurate alert can be sent to the NaviGate system, automatically drafting the cow for treatment.

NaviGate and SmartD-TECT can identify signs of udder health problems up to four days before any visual signs appear in front of the operator.

Early detection and diagnosis means you can apply the correct treatment before the animal’s health deteriorates, saving on further health treatment costs and loss of milking production.

When combined with Electronic Milk Meters, NaviGate can also generate a report showing the production profile of each cow at milking time. The operator can fine tune the settings on their ECR Plus units to make sure the cups are being removed at the correct time, for each cow.

For more information download the NaviGate Brochure 

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  • Understand your herd’s readiness for mating
  • Highly accurate and simple alerts sent via text message
  • Identify silent and standing heats
  • Early detection of health issues
  • Eliminate fatigue and burnout of farm staff through mating

The NaviGate Collar improves the efficiency of your on-farm breeding program and reduces health care costs across your herd. 

Initially the NaviGate Collar will help the operator understand the herd's readiness for mating, non-cycling cows are quickly and easily identified allowing for early intervention pre-breeding to maximise submission and pregnancy rates.  

Time previously spent in the dairy or paddock picking heat animals is eliminated as the NaviGate Collar picks silent and standing heats providing user friendly estrus alerts through text message to the operator. 

Through integration with NaviGate Preimum, heat detected cows are drafted post milking, awaiting operator decision regarding insemination. The timing of AI is critical in getting a cow in-calf. 

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  • View of individual and herd weight results and trends (10-day average)
  • Wide selection of weights reporting available through Premium integration
  • Manage feeding levels and support dry-off decision making
  • Draft to weights

Installing walk over weighing with your NaviGate Premium suite gives you another tool to manage your herd’s performance. 

Whether you want to measure the results of differing feed regimes or ensure your herd is at its best for those critical points in the season, a weigh system provides the data to adjust as you need.