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  • Easy three-way drafting
  • Basic reports on number of cows drafted or cow count
  • It has smartphone or tablet connectivity
  • Ability to set future and repetitive drafts
  • It has a basic draft console and remote

By installing NaviGate Access you’re on the first step to reducing your workload in the shed. 

NaviGate Access will ensure the right animals are drafted every time. Future and repetitive drafting is available with the system, and simple reporting such as cow count, animals drafted by direction and historical drafts give the operator a full view of all animal movements. Smart phone and tablet connectivity (within WIFI range of the parlour) allows the operator to connect with the system and add drafts as animals are identified. 

The sort gate has been designed for optimum strength and durability, and its quiet movement minimises stress on the animals. Give yourself the time to focus on other parts of farming operation knowing your animal sorting is in a safe pair of hands.

For more information download the NaviGate Brochure