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  • Easy three-way drafting
  • Create your own dynamic draft groups from the herd management data
  • Event recording to track animals' health events, births, mating, pregnancy tests and more
  • Review individual and herd data on console display inside the parlour
  • Suited for herringbone or rotary parlours

The NaviGate Advance system is the next step up the dairy management system, taking all the benefits of the drafting system and adding the herd management component. 

The drafting function is enhanced through access to your herd records giving the operator the ability to create individual or dynamic groups based on selected attributes.  

This data is displayed on the parlour mounted console and in the shed office, allowing for decision making at the time of milking or at a time that suits. The operator can enter specific cow data on the shed console including calvings, heats and matings, culls, dry offs, health issues and the status of treatment regimes.  

An extensive range of reports is available and the ability to customise reports provides the operator will a full view of their herd and assists with decision making. 

For more information download the NaviGate Brochure