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  • Understand your herd’s readiness for mating
  • Highly accurate and simple alerts sent via text message
  • Identify silent and standing heats
  • Early detection of health issues
  • Eliminate fatigue and burnout of farm staff through mating

The NaviGate Collar improves the efficiency of your on-farm breeding program and reduces health care costs across your herd. 

Initially the NaviGate Collar will help the operator understand the herd's readiness for mating, non-cycling cows are quickly and easily identified allowing for early intervention pre-breeding to maximise submission and pregnancy rates.  

Time previously spent in the dairy or paddock picking heat animals is eliminated as the NaviGate Collar picks silent and standing heats providing user friendly estrus alerts through text message to the operator. 

Through integration with NaviGate Preimum, heat detected cows are drafted post milking, awaiting operator decision regarding insemination. The timing of AI is critical in getting a cow in-calf.