Stormwater Diversion Image




  • Minimises stormwater entering your effluent system
  • Reduces storage capacity requirements
  • Range of manual, semi-automatic and automatic options to suit your dairy
  • Automatic diverters begin operating when shed plant is turned on
  • Visual cue on control box shows where effluent is going

Diverters are essential when it comes to minimising the volume of stormwater entering the dairy effluent system at certain times throughout the year resulting in reduced storage requirements, pumping & irrigation times and labour.

The PVC manual diverters require someone to physically open and close the valves before and after milking and during milk collection times. These are ideal where you may want to divert the yard and other areas while the herd is dried off, as they rely on someone to ensure they are set correctly, especially when the cows are on the yard. The valve diameter options range from 100mm up to 300mm.

If you are looking to automate the process to further mitigate risk, we have both a semi-automatic and automatic brass diverter which connect to the shed’s air or water supply.

The semi-automatic brass diverters can be opened or shut at the shed by simply turning a handle which makes them a lot easier to operate and saving the trip to the end of the yard to ensure they are set correctly – simply part of the shed start and shut down process.

The automatic brass diverters are fully integrated into the shed plant which operate when the shed plant is turned on and off, along with a manual override for when the yard is operational, eg. for vet checks, thereby mitigating some of the risk associated with manual or semi-automatic diverters.

Environmental Features:
• Reduces storage costs by diverting rainwater away from your effluent system
• Less power and labour used to manage rainwater entering your effluent system

Multi Controller Image




  • Flow and/or pressure control for accurate effluent application
  • Protection against loss of prime, pipe blockages, leaks, power spikes, surges and motor overload
  • Controller assists with correct quantity of effluent applied to the pasture

Your choice of controller for your effluent or water pump is central to applying the correct quality and quantity of nutrients to your paddocks while saving power and money.

The Multi Controller incorporates a Variable Speed Drive that will only run your pump at the speed that it needs to operate, giving you power savings of up to 50%.

The Multi Controller will protect your system against failures in the field like pipe leaks, while also protecting your pumps from power issues and displaying through the alarm output. The three set points allow the pump to operate at the optimum power consumption to give power saving and extended life of the pump motor.

Environmental Features:
• Controller assists with correct quality and quantity of effluent application
• Fully weather proof stainless steel enclosure designed for all conditions
• Flow and/or pressure control for precise effluent application