• Flow and/or pressure control for accurate effluent application
  • Protection against loss of prime, pipe blockages, leaks, power spikes, surges and motor overload
  • Controller assists with correct quantity of effluent applied to the pasture

Your choice of controller for your effluent or water pump is central to applying the correct quality and quantity of nutrients to your paddocks while saving power and money.

The Multi Controller incorporates a Variable Speed Drive that will only run your pump at the speed that it needs to operate, giving you power savings of up to 50%.

The Multi Controller will protect your system against failures in the field like pipe leaks, while also protecting your pumps from power issues and displaying through the alarm output. The three set points allow the pump to operate at the optimum power consumption to give power saving and extended life of the pump motor.

Environmental Features:
• Controller assists with correct quality and quantity of effluent application
• Fully weather proof stainless steel enclosure designed for all conditions
• Flow and/or pressure control for precise effluent application