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  • Easy to install, use and maintain
  • Easily replaceable o-rings
  • A range of hydrant legs to fit any pipe type and size
  • Range of valves prevents hydrants being opened under pressure, therefore minimising the risk of effluent spillage

The Hydrant is one of the most important elements of your irrigation system. It is vital that the unique characteristics of your farm are taken into consideration to maximise efficiency of irrigation, ensure pressure is maintained and minimise the risk of pipeline blockages and spillage.  

The Hydrants are designed and manufactured to withstand the rigours of all dairying conditions. They are solidly constructed and durable, providing virtually maintenance-free operation.  

Our easy to install and maintain Hydrants can be fitted with a range of valves which enables pressure to be released before opening, providing you with peace of mind that effluent (raw or green water) will be pumped from your storage facility to pasture with no risk of spillage.

Environmental Features:
• Range of gate and non-return valves to help prevent large spillages
• Non-leaking sealing system prevents slow leaks