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  • Even spread and depth ensures even application and minimises risk of ponding
  • Application depths as low as 1mm and application rates down to 4.2mm per hr
  • Targeted directional irrigation – great for sideling’s or in close proximity to drains

The Cobra Travelling Raingun will change the way you irrigate your farm and deliver the return on investment you deserve from your dairy effluent system.

Not only can it achieve low application depths and rates, but it also spreads over large distances. What’s more, with no long boom arms, it is easy to move around and set up.

The Cobra Travelling Raingun allows application depths as low as 1mm and application rates down to 4.2mm per hour, averting ponding. You will be able to spread over large areas with full or partial circles and a setting that allows spreading to one side to accommodate sidling land.

The next generation Cobra Travelling Raingun features a shear bolt safety mechanism that enables more weight to be towed, activating and protecting the unit should it encounter any obstructions or overloading.

Environmental Features:
• Even spread and depth ensures even application and minimizes risk of ponding
• Can irrigate on one side - great for sidelings or in close proximity to drains
• Ability to be used in a stationary position if required
• Fitted with shut off valve, which shuts irrigator down at the end of a run

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  • Good even spread prevents ponding
  • Ability to do partial arches makes them ideal when spraying near drains or into a breeze
  • Handle up to 170 cubic metres per hour
  • Application rate of 4-8mm per hour

Raingun irrigators are ideal for spreading dairy effluent and/or water irrigation on land where the contour is unsuitable for travelling irrigators, or you need to pump large volumes in a short time.

Low application depths and rates reduces the risk of ponding and run-off making them especially suitable for poor draining soils and sloping land.

We have a range of three raingun irrigators: 

Royal, a low to medium capacity gun suitable for electric pumps or medium volume PTO pumps.

Reflex, a medium capacity gun suitable for high volume electric and PTO pumps and stationary diesel pumps.

Explorer, a high capacity gun suitable for high volume PTO pumps and contractors.

Environmental Features:
• Good even spread prevents ponding and uneven application
• Ability to do partial arches makes them ideal when spraying near drains and roadsides or into a breeze

Uni Sprinkler Image




  • Simple, low cost option to spread dairy effluent nutrients
  • Application rates from 4mm-5mm per hr
  • 9-14mm nozzle sizes minimise the chance of blockages
  • Jet length of 15m – 24m enables coverage from 700m2 to 1800m2

A Uni-Sprinkler enables you to spread dairy effluent over a large area with a low application rate.

The Uni-Sprinkler is a well proven and versatile sprinkler that is simple to use and fits easily into existing irrigation systems that utilise travelling irrigators. The system provides you with a low-application-rate irrigation option.  

It also provides the ability to irrigate paddocks that are not suitable for a travelling irrigator. It is simple to set up and move, making complete paddock coverage easier to achieve.

Environmental Features:
• Low application rate minimises the risk of runoff, ponding and leaching
• Increases the area that can be irrigated eg; sidelings
• Able to be used on land unsuitable for irrigators