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  • Shore based for ease of maintenance and operator safety
  • Anti-siphon valve option prevents syphoning of ponds and tanks when pump is stopped
  • Dual Suction and delivery option available

The Close Couple pump is ideal if you want a shore based option which will enable easy inspection and servicing.  

Our range of Close Couple pumps are designed specifically for handling dairy effluent and have the same performance curves as the short and long shaft pumps. The pumps have the greatest pressure per KW of any centrifugal pump on the market and represent the best value for money. 

The Close Couple pump delivers consistent volume over the entire irrigation area when fitted with a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) and flow meter. Matched with the correct irrigation equipment, it will also help avoid ponding and run-off.

World renown Doda pumps, the toughest, most efficient and durable on the market, will future proof your dairy effluent system.

Environmental Features:
• Anti-syphon valve option prevents syphoning of ponds when pump is stopped
• Optional flow or high/low pressure switch minimises environmental accidents
• Optional variable speed drive and flow meter enables consistent volume over entire irrigation area