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  • Capable of breaking down the heaviest effluent
  • A mobile, self-contained unit, no external power needed to drive motor
  • Pumping capacity, up to 228m3 per hr
  • Clutch-drive motor allows engine to warm before operation

PD pumps are designed to transfer thick animal effluent or working residues of industrial plants which are too dense to be easily pumped out.

In order to eliminate leaks of treated substance, PD Pumps are fitted with Widia mechanical seals instead of gland packing which is normally used but do not prove practical. This method improves pump performance and decreases priming times.

The PD Pump is a self-contained, mobile unit. Unlike other pumps, it does not need a tractor to power the unit, as it has its own motor which features disengage clutch drive, allowing the motor to warm up prior to operation.

The unit is made from stainless steel and is more durable than similar pumps. It is well ventilated but is also weather proofed and has its own diesel storage tank.

Environmental Features:
• Anti-syphon valve option prevents syphoning of ponds when pump is stopped
• Optional high/low pressure switch minimises environmental accidents
• Optional timer to stop motor and prevent over-application