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  • Industry leading chopping system to break down the heaviest of effluent
  • No additional resource needed other than your tractor
  • Pumping Capacity up to 228m3 per hr
  • 3-point linkage for added stability on uneven terrain

A PTO pump is one of the most cost effective and efficient ways to pump effluent (and water - irrigation) on your farm. 

It utilises an existing resource – your tractor – so it’s important to select a PTO pump matched to the HP/kWs of your tractor. It’s also important to ensure you select the right PTO pump for the head loss of your effluent system, the volume per hour to be pumped and the contour of your farm.

The PTO pump has been designed and manufactured to effectively and efficiently pump the thicker slurries. Three sizes are available, on either a frame or trailer, enabling you to choose the one which will integrate and complement your effluent system, the distance to be pumped and the solids content of the effluent.  

Our pumps, the toughest, most efficient and durable on the market, will future proof your dairy effluent system.

Environmental Features:
• Anti-syphon valve option prevents syphoning of ponds when pump is stopped
• Optional high/low pressure switch minimises environmental accidents
• Optional timer to stop tractor/motor and prevent over-application

Key to optimal performance

Selecting the correct PTO pump depending on the size tractor available, the total head at the system (pipe sizes, land contour, irrigation equipment and volume per second to be pumped), and running the RPMs for the tractor PTO, is essential to optimising the PTO’s performance. 

Additional options

• 5 to 10m suction kits available, fixed pvc suction available for PTO 20 option
• Auto priming option available
• Pump to hydrant connection available
• Frost protection covers
• Drive shafts