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  • Self-lubricating so no greasing required
  • Self priming reducing the risk of the pump running dry
  • Anti-siphon valve prevents syphoning of ponds and tanks
  • Optional pump models ranging from 7.5 - 18.5kW to suit most farm environments

A pond or tank pump is the heart of your dairy effluent system. 

Whether your facility is new or existing, a Short or Long Shaft pump will add value and efficiency to your farm helping ensure environmental best practice and compliance.

Our pumps have been designed to maximise health and safety by removing the need for regular greasing or regular maintenance. The unique oil bath lubrication also prevents bearings from seizing and rusting. 

Risk to the environment is minimised by anti-syphon values which prevent syphoning of the pond/tank when the pump stops. 

These pumps are the toughest, most efficient and durable on the market and will future proof your dairy effluent system.

Environmental Features:
• Anti-syphon valve prevents syphoning of ponds and tanks
• Fitted with flow, pressure and safety switches which help prevent unwanted spills