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  • Continuous, automated, high throughput
  • Reduced waste volume means easy transport, storage and application
  • Simple to use, low maintenance
  • Two models available to suit processing requirements
  • Various screen sizes available to meet required solid content

The Screw Press Separator combines precision German engineering, with ease of use and minimum maintenance in one of the most efficient and effective effluent separators on the market.

Easily retrofitted into your existing effluent system, the Screw Press Separator reduces the volume of slurry by effectively separating water from solids giving you two forms of fertiliser (water and dry solids) to apply to your pasture. 

Designed for ease of use and reliability, the inlet tank continually feeds raw effluent through the press screw separating water from solids, delivering a dry product which is relatively odourless.

Screen plugging is prevented by a unique auger and the pressure system is easy to adjust with ease of access for viewing and cleaning of the screen. 

Environmental Features:
• Reduced environmental impact
• De-waters and compacts solids reducing waste volume
• Energy efficient geared motor with integrated motor protection switch
• Dry solid product is easy to spread to land