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  • High quality 304 grade stainless construction
  • 0.8mm wedge wire screen
  • Screen curved for optimal angle for efficient share action to separate solids
  • High flow rate of up to 100m3 per hour

Industry best practice is to separate solids before lined storage as a build up of solids can be problematic to remove. The Slope Screen Separator has been specially constructed for New Zealand’s harsh environment – designed perfectly to suit all dairy farm requirements. 

Why install a solids separation system?

A solids separator minimises the need for agitation in ponds and reduces the likelihood of blockages in pumps and pipes. Together with the reduction in volatile solids loading to the pond this allows smaller ponds to be built or extends the cleaning interval of existing ponds. They allow the use of conventional irrigation equipment for distribution of effluent from adequately sized ponds. They concentrate organic matter for direct application to pasture, composting or cost effective transportation off-site.

Environmental Features:
• Separated solids can be spread on non-irrigated areas therefore extending the effluent block and reducing nitrogen and potassium loadings on soils
• Solids can be easily stored for application when weather conditions allow
• Excellent returns from crops can be achieved with lower fertiliser costs by applying solids to crop paddocks
• Solids are easily transported for application to run off blocks