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  • Low power usage
  • Breaks down solids making it easier for soils to absorb effluent and utilise nutrients
  • No greasing required
  • Reduced servicing requirements due to the oil bath lubrication preventing lower bearings from rusting or seizing

Vertical stirrers, with a unique three blade propeller, effectively and efficiently stir sludge in tanks and ponds, breaking up crusting.

Designed to deliver the highest level of efficiency for the most demanding dairy effluent conditions, the stirrers effortlessly mix heavy waste, even in very large dairy effluent tanks, making it ideal for feed pads and separators.

The stirrer can be used by itself on a pontoon or with a pump. The ideal pontoon system is designed so it can be easily moved to ensure the entire pond is stirred.

Environmental Features:
• Efficient blades stir the dairy effluent introducing air to minimize odours and gases
• Low power usage
• Breaks down solids making it easier for soils to absorb effluent and utilize nutrients

Horizontal Stirrer Image




  • No greasing or regular maintenance required
  • Wide range of models available varying from 0.8kw to 7.5kw to allow efficient stirring depending on your pond or tank size
  • Range of mounting options

Your choice of a pond or tank stirrer is central to the quality of fertiliser which will be applied to your paddocks. The correct size, number and positioning of stirrers puts effluent into suspension, enabling an even spread of nutrients to be pumped and applied to your pasture. 

The Horizontal stirrer is mounted on a boom or winch bracket enabling easy inspection and maintenance.

A wide range of models and mounting options are available to suit every location, storage system and level of agitation required. Depending on the mounting system, the Horizontal stirrer can easily be moved up and down to stir the pond/tank and prevent a crust from forming.

Environmental Features:
• Stirring reduces odours and gasses
• Improved utilisation and consistency of nutrients
• Quiet operation