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  • Can be sited anywhere provided a flat platform can be established
  • Ideal for effluent storage on peat or other high-water table soil conditions
  • Possible to gravity feed a pump from above ground tanks
  • Covered options available

All property conditions are different, some are tight on space, some have more rainfall than others and the soil conditions can vary from farm to farm. All of these factors need to be taken in to account when installing an Above Ground Tank. 

The correct size and positioning of the tank will be unique to each property. Most above ground tanks are of a modular bolted construction. It enables simple logistics to remote locations and facilities, rapid and cost-effective installation.

Factoring in annual rainfall will help determine what size tank is needed although a fitted cover will eliminate rain from entering the tank. Rain diversion systems on a property, can also help increase the effluent capacity of a tank, by keeping the rainfall out. Above Ground Tanks also provide security against flooding.

Environmental Features:
• Easy leak detection
• Can be covered from rainfall
• Can be used on high-water table areas
• Less likely to leak underground without noticing, compared to traditional ponds