Improve hygiene and udder health, at a lower cost.

The Waikato Milking Systems OptiBlLEND Hygiene System is an on-farm blender that allows you to produce high quality chlorine dioxide-based formulas to suit your farm’s specific hygiene requirements.

By using our highly concentrated OptiPREP Activator, base, emollient, foam and colour precursors combined with water, the OptiBLEND system produces formulas to provide you with the most effective and cost-effective hygiene solutions for your farm. The OptiBLEND Hygiene System enables you to produce four separate formulas for pre-milking, post-milking, facility hygiene and water hygiene through one easy system - and the formulas can be varied for higher or lower requirements. The system is easy to install, easy to service, and no calibration is required.


Waikato Milking Systems puts the cost of hygiene firmly in control of the operator, not the manufacturer.

High quality, low cost dips

Provides high quality dips with a longer shelf life than off-the-shelf chlorine dioxide products.

Customisable programs

Allows farmers to customise their program to match their herd heath requirements.

Remote access monitoring

The system alerts Waikato Milking Systems to any issues with the blender or formulas.

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