Achieve efficiency and maximise your milking time

A milking machine functions as the heart of your dairy parlour and must be built to the highest standards. That’s why Waikato Milking Systems ensures you get the best possible performance from your milking parlour, whether that be on one of our Rotary platforms or our In-line milking systems. Our parlours have been tested over many decades in many countries under all milking scenarios.

Rotary Platforms

Technology to maximise your milking time, and minimise your downtime.

When you invest in a rotary platform you want a system which is superbly designed, robust, reliable and easy to use. We engineer complexity out of our systems, producing rotary platforms which are technically advanced and sophisticated yet simple to operate. Ease of use and the uncluttered layout of the dairy environment leads to improved productivity.

In-Line Milking systems

Goat and Sheep
Milking Systems 

Platform Refits