Make cow restraint and management easier, automatically

The BailMate automatically lowers and raises your BailGate straps when the cup removers are activated to make it easier to manage animals on your rotary platform when used with ECR-S.

Activated by a BailMate Ram, the BailGate Straps move down automatically at Cups On to keep the cow in the bail, and move up when the cow finishes milking allowing her to exit the platform.

If the cups are kicked off, BailMate leaves the BailGate Strap down so the cow is presented back to the operator for inspection.

BailGate straps are made from flexible but durable plastic and can easily be retrofitted into existing farm dairies.

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BailMate and BailMate straps save on labour by allowing you to restrain your cows automatically.

Save time and money

Saves labour by eliminating the need for an operator at Cups Off

Optional lower setting only

Can be set to only lower BailGate if needed (alarms or still milking at bridge)

Customisable alarms

Select which alarms will retain an animal to suit your farm’s milking procedures

What's included
  • Brackets
  • Rubber Strap

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