The Centrus 2500 is an entry-level composite rotary milking system that has been designed to provide the ultimate in performance and reliability - allowing you to run a more productive, cost-efficient and profitable operation.

Constructed to be structurally stronger, lighter and longer-lasting, the high-performance composite platform materials and nylon rollers ensure a lighter, more durable platform. Designed to provide a comfortable and enjoyable milking environment for the operator, the system also provides an ergonomically correct, quiet and stress-free milking environment for your cows. The Centrus 2500 milking system is future-proofed, so it can be upgraded seamlessly with Waikato Milking Systems’ dairy automation technology to increase your dairy automation journey when the time suits.

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See it in action

See how the Centrus 2500 provides an efficient and productive milking environment 24/7.


The Centrus 2500 provides the base model level of next generation milking performance and productivity.

Better for farmers, better for cows.

The user-friendly system maximises efficiency and provides a quiet, comfortable and stress-free milking environment for the operator and cows.

Constructed for performance, reliability and longevity.

The multi-layered laminated composite deck is up to 75% lighter, structurally superior, and more durable than traditional concrete or steel alternatives.

Upgradable for future-proofing

The system can be upgraded with dairy automation technology at a later date to further increase productivity and performance.

What's included

• Rated Operating Duty per Day = 12 hrs
• Standard Stall width (875mm c/c outer rim)
• Standard Galvanised Stallwork
• Double Beam with nylon rollers at approx. 650mm spacing
• Lightweight, Heavy Duty Composite Deck
• Drive Units & Cups On Controls
• Heavy duty galvanised sub frame
• Extra wide 2.7m platform
• Rubber mats for cow comfort
• Automatic lubrication system
• Full circumference control and emergency stop ropes
• Entry crush switch
• Entry D-Gate Assembly
• Full circumference rump and kick rail
• Stainless steel dry edge

What you can add

Discover what you can add to the Centrus 2500 Composite Rotary Milking System to increase your productivity and performance even further.

Electronic Milk Meter

Real-time milking data to monitor and improve your herd’s productivity and performance.

Yield Indicator

Improve your herd management decisions by monitoring every animal’s milking performance.

CowTRAQ™ Cow Collars

Maximise your herd performance and farm efficiency with 24/7 heat and health monitoring for every cow.

DairyHQ™ Parlour Management System

Drive your milking productivity and performance with intelligent and intuitive dairy management.


Automated teat spraying that reduces your labour and increases your efficiency.

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