Over 50 years ago...

...born in New Zealand’s dairy heartland, our pioneering spirit has earned us an international reputation for innovation and excellence in dairying, animal welfare, food production and environmental sustainability.

At our state-of-the-art global headquarters, we design and manufacture dairy technology that enables farmers around the world to grow the value of their dairy - by running more productive, cost-efficient and profitable operations. We stand behind our solutions, and all around the world farmers know they can rely on our products and systems to perform, and last the distance.


Because we understand farming - from small family-owned farms, through to large-scale intensive 24/7 operations, and from cows to goats and sheep - we are able to deliver products and systems to suit any budget, and any farming type - and we can customise solutions to fit any farm’s specific requirements.

What our farmers value, is different for each and every one of them... and our world, and our industry is changing. So we’re always listening, collaborating, and looking ahead with them, continually innovating, designing and engineering solutions to grow their success, and our industry’s.

Waikato Milking Systems’ global headquarters and engineering divisions are located in New Zealand and we have offices and warehouses in Australia, USA, United Kingdom, Ireland and China with agents in every dairying nation in the world.

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