Achieve efficiency and maximise your milking time

A milking machine functions as the heart of your dairy parlour and must be built to the highest standards. That’s why Waikato Milking Systems ensures you get the best possible performance from your milking parlour, whether that be on one of our Rotary platforms or our In-line milking systems. Our parlours have been tested over many decades in many countries under all milking scenarios.


Automate and streamline your milking systems, to increase productivity

Automation products cover the automated control of milking actions and the recording of milking events. When considering the right automation for your farming practices, you must consider what level of information you need today and what will you need tomorrow. You can add more automation options, as your dairy parlour grows, to suit your milking requirements.


Control your information and data, to make better management decisions

From drafting individual animals to feeding for production, the NaviGate Dairy Management System is the tool to measure, monitor, maintain and control what happens in your dairy. Reduce labour through automating processes, managing cow performance and alert to critical issues by animal. Make informed decisions to improve the overall productivity and profitability of your farm.


Solutions to exceed milk cooling regulations, and maximise your returns

Refrigeration is a key element in ensuring your milk is cooled and stored at the correct temperature and Waikato Milking Systems has a range of products and solutions for every size of dairy. Tailor made solutions can be sized and priced specifically to meet your own farm's budget and needs, while providing peace of mind your milk is cooled quickly.


Effluent management systems for long-term environmental sustainability

A farm’s operational and financial performance can be improved significantly with the ‘right’ dairy effluent infrastructure in place so it is important that correct, fit-for-purpose systems and equipment are specified. Our experienced and professional team can provide advice and system design and effective, reliable, low maintenance systems, tailored to individual farm needs.