Growing the value of
precision dairy farming

Solving your farm's unique challenges

We are committed to solving the challenges dairy farmers face every day, with some of the world's most innovative and technologically advanced dairy solutions:

Labour Saving & Productivity

Reduce your labour costs and increase your productivity with our range of state-of-the-art automated technologies.

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Nutrition and Feeding

Maximise your herd performance and farm efficiency with our advanced software and feeding systems technology.

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Cow Health

Maintain the highest animal health levels with our revolutionary range of software, automated health monitoring, spraying, sort gate and feed systems.

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Mating and Fertility

Improve the fertility and well-being of your cows with our hi-tech software and automated sort gate technology.

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Milk Production & Udder Health

Maintain optimum animal health and maximise your milking productivity with our revolutionary range of products and software.

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Enhance Milk Quality & Milk Cooling

Ensure the highest milk quality standards with our range of automated teat spraying and wash systems, and efficient milk cooling technologies.

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Why choose us

We're developing the future of milking technology to enable farmers throughout the world to make the most informed decisions for their farms today, and into the future:

Pioneering the semi-robotic revolution

Our sights are set on breaking existing productivity barriers while significantly reducing operator workload.


Farmers trust us the world over

Our proven systems are trusted by farmers to run more productive, cost-efficient and profitable operations 24/7.


Track and monitor your most valuable assets

Our smart technologies drive real-time, data-driven insights to improve your herd performance and efficiency.


Drive performance and productivity through smart-tech

Our intelligent adaptive automation improves milking data monitoring, and milking productivity, efficiency and speed.


What our customers are saying

We went for Waikato Milking Systems because we liked the composite deck on the Centrus platform. It is much lighter than a traditional concrete deck therefore, less wear on the running gear.


Ultimo Internal Sheep Rotary

Browne's Pastoral

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Agili Rapid Exit

Schuler Brothers

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Supa4 In-Line

Michael Tillemans

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