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31 August, 2021

Dairy News NZ

New Zealand

After working on the concept for six years, one of the country’s largest goat farms has launched its own brand of fresh milk.

The 1-litre bottle of ‘Before Cow’ (BC) A2 goat’s milk was launched four weeks ago by Oete Goat Farm, South Auckland. While only available in supermarkets throughout Auckland right now, plans are afoot to distribute the milk to other parts of the country.

Oete Goat owner Matt Bolton says he has been “blown away” by consumer demand for the milk.

“People are getting more educated about the benefits of goat milk, and the product is gaining traction,” Bolton told Dairy News.

BC goat milk’s brand story is simple: thousands of years ago, no one milked cows, Bolton points out. “So when your ancestors needed fuel, the family goat was the source of A2 milk that’s high in vitamin A, naturally homogenised, better for people with cow’s milk intolerance, and better for the environment.”


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