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28 October, 2021

Farmers Guide


Automation technology that is reliable, upgradeable and simple to use is proving to be a big drawcard crucial for the future of dairy farming.

This is a space Waikato Milking Systems continues to make advances in to help farmers operate more productive and efficient businesses. The company’s UK sales manager Simon Hoare said: “Dairy automation technology is our big point of difference. And when it comes to technology, it’s about the whole package.

“That involves pairing our milking systems, whether it be herringbone or rotary, with the right milking automation technology best suited for each farm.”

Exploring automation technology was timely given the launch of two new schemes under the Farming Investment Fund in autumn. It’s part of Defra’s strategy to raise agricultural productivity in an environmentally sustainable way and it is offering grant support for farmers to invest in new equipment and technology.

“Herd sizes continue to grow and we expect there will be more interest in technology to automate important functions of the milking process,” Mr Hoare added. “There is also more demand for data-driven solutions which can help farmers gain a better picture of how their cows are performing.”


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