CowTRAQ™ cow collars provide 24/7 heat and health monitoring for every cow to maximise herd performance and farm efficiency.

CowTRAQ™ cow collars integrate with TracHQ™ software to provide you with real-time information and mobile alerts in a simple, user-friendly format.

CowTRAQ™ cow collars identify each cow and keep track of her signs of heat, eating, rumination, standing, lying, walking and inactive behaviour 24/7 to provide you with insights on the fertility, health, well-being and nutritional status of individual cows and groups. TracHQ™ software provides you with real-time and relevant alerts, actionable to-do lists and reports to help you track, manage and control your herd.

These data-driven decisions enable you to improve your farm management at a tactical and strategic level to improve your herd’s performance, and ultimately, your bottom line.

  • Most Popular Cow Collars Sold Globally
  • Monitor Rumination, Activity, Health 24/7
  • 5 Year 100% Warranty
  • Battery Life Up to 10 Years
  • Links with MINDA

See it in action

See how CowTRAQ™ collars and TracHQ™ software allows you to know your cows and track your herd.


CowTRAQ™ collars and TracHQ™ software maximises your herd performance and farm efficiency 24/7.

Targeted management and optimisation

The system provides monitoring and tools for targeted management, precision feeding and labour efficiency.

Accurate heat detection

Improves reproduction results and increases labour efficiency by automatically tracking signs of heat.

Individual cow health monitoring

Detects health issues and metabolic disorders early to keep cows healthy and reduce veterinary treatment.

What's included
  • Antenna: The data from all the individual cows is continuously collected by the antenna. The antenna has a range of at least 75 meters around the barn and 250 meters when placed outside for grazing cows.
  • Processing unit: The processing unit processes the data received by the antenna, analyses the individual data for each cow and turns it into relevant and actionable insights that can be viewed on PC, tablet and smartphone.
  • Cloud: A continuously expanding range of services such as online backup, remote access, remote support, business insight, API connections and more are available through the cloud.
  • TraqHQ Software: Waikato Milking Systems TracHQ™ combines an unmatched range of monitoring features and management tools in a highly advanced, yet easy to use system including, health monitoring, heat detection, herd performance trends and identification.

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Farmer Testimonials

Ian Powell - Taranaki

The quality of life on his dairy farm has increased with CowTRAQ™ Collars

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Ian Powell - Taranaki

Listen to Ian talk about how the CowTRAQ™ Collars heat detection reduced his labour costs

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Ian Powell - Taranaki

CowTRAQ™ Collars allows Ian's staff to easily make decisions about cow health

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