Every year, lameness costs the New Zealand dairy industry millions of dollars. Research indicates that early detection of lameness can reduce the cost to farmers up to 50%.

OmniEye is a camera based unobtrusive visual livestock monitoring system that harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence to detect early signs of lameness in cows - faster, and more effectively than the trained eye.

The system is expertly trained by veterinarians and identifies lameness based on the DairyNZ locomotion scoring system, and assigns scores ranging from 1 to 3 for every cow in your herd. The results, along with supporting videos, are conveniently presented on a user-friendly online dashboard, enabling the early identification of potential lameness events and the prevention of costly herd issues.

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Actionable Intelligence

OmniEye outperforms human detection, analysing tens of thousands of data points to provide actionable insights for faster, informed herd health decisions

Herd Performance Scoring

OmniEye, trained on the DairyNZ scoring system, scores each cow in your herd from 1 to 3, enabling early intervention.

Gains in Financial Performance

By empowering farmers with early lameness detection, OmniEye allows for prompt treatment to reduce recovery time, treatment costs, culling and spares.


What our users have to say about the power of OmniEYE

Hayden Ferriman - Three Leaf Dairy

“OmniEye has become part of our daily routine, it’s allowing us to catch problems earlier and as a business owner it gives me peace of mind when I’m not in the shed.”

Sean Ginder – Medstone Dairy

“OmniEye spots lame cows early while they’re still in the middle of the mob so we can do something about it before they become a problem and drop to the back.”

Geoff Colson – Riverstone

“I am spending more time at the computer, but it is valuable time because this system is spotting lame cows early.”

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