The DairyHQ™ Parlour Management System provides you with intelligent and adaptive automation to drive your milking productivity and performance.

DairyHQ™ Parlour Management System has been designed to provide you with the intelligence to drive your Waikato Milking automation and improve your dairy management, with a simple and intuitive user experience. The DairyHQ™ CONTROL module allows you to make adjustments and fine tune your milking machine to optimise it for your farm’s unique requirements. Each setting has an on-screen explanation to help the user get the most out of their milking machine. As a modular state-of-the-art software system, new DairyHQ™ modules and features are continually being added allowing you to easily upgrade to improve your productivity and performance further, and stay up-to-date with industry developments. CURRENT MODULES AVAILABLE: • DairyHQ™ Control • DairyHQ™ Sort FUTURE MODULES: • DairyHQ™ Parlor ID • DairyHQ™ Feeding • DairyHQ™ Milk


New DairyHQ™ modules and features are continually being added allowing you to easily upgrade to improve your milking productivity and performance further.

Dairy HQ™ SORT

Sort cows quickly, accurately, and automatically with Dairy HQ™ SORT


Dairy HQ™ ID


Dairy HQ™ MILK


Dairy HQ™ FEED


See it in action

See how DairyHQ™ provides you with a complete overview of your rotary.


DairyHQ™ allows you to take control of your milking machine to drive your milking productivity and performance.

A complete visual overview of your rotary

The system is connected to all key milking components to provide you with real-time insights.

Wireless connectivity

Wireless connectivity allows you to connect to DairyHQ™ CONTROL using almost any phone, tablet or computer.

Modern, easy to use interface

A simple touch-screen interface provides an intuitive user experience, for fast data entry and work routines.

What's included
  • DairyHQ™ application: The DairyHQ™ web application, supported on a PC, tablet or mobile device that has access to a web browser.   
  • DairyHQ™ server: Secured storage of your DairyHQ™ milking and cow data.
  • SmartLink: Waikato Milking System’s communications gateway device, linking the Waikato Milking products to the DairyHQ™ server.
  • Wi-Fi Router: Connects your devices to the DairyHQ™ server.

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What you can add

A range of products that you can ADD to DairyHQ™, allowing you to easily upgrade and improve your milking productivity and performance further.

Electronic Milk Meter

Real-time milking data to monitor and improve your herd’s productivity and performance.

Touch Screen

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Yield Indicator

Improve your herd management decisions by monitoring every animal’s milking performance.


Reduce your labour and increase your productivity with SmartD-TECTs automation technology.

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