Designed for your comfort, and the comfort of your animals.

Designed for large scale commercial goat milk farming, the OPTIMA External Goat Rotary Milking Solution has been designed to maximise comfort for the operator and the animals, and to reduce stress levels so the goats let their milk down easily.

The system features rubber matting and enticement feeding, and the unique cluster presentation arm ensures the cups and controls are at the optimal height so it’s easy, fast and comfortable to use for the operator. The OPTIMA External Goat Rotary Milking Solution is capable of milking up to 1330 goats per hour, and can be easily operated with minimal labour - providing you with large savings on labour costs. The system is available in seven sizes of 60 to 120 bails, in 10 bail increments, to optimise the platform’s rotation period for the relatively short milking time required for goats - and has been designed to ensure your goats fit comfortably and correctly in the bails on the platform. Constructed with an unparalleled build quality to ensure many years of trouble-free operation, the system allows you to add from our range of world-leading dairy automation technologies to elevate your dairy’s overall performance and productivity.

See the OPTIMA External Goat Rotary in action


Designed for your comfort, and the comfort of your animals.

Unique cluster presentation arm

Ensures quick and accurate cup alignment for faster, more sustainable milking.

Eliminates operator fatigue

With no repetitive lifting of clusters, and no repeated untangling of rubberware for easier, faster cupping.

Faster and easier milking

Capable of milking up to 1330 goats per hour, at a 5 minute rotation speed, with minimal labour

Designed for animal comfort

With rubber matting and enticement feeding to reduce goat stress levels, ensuring they let their milk down easily

Whats Included:

• Stainless Steel Deck
• Stainless Checker Floor Plate
• Splash Tray
• Head Lock
• Welded Track
• Automatic Track Greaser
Drive Units
• SmartFIT Mounting System
• Undercarriage - Fixed rollers
• Start / Stop Ropes
Crush Switch
• Entry / Exit Bridge
• Exit Device
• Bail Blocker
• Lead Feed
Operator Console
• E-Stop Console
• Feedbins (easy detachable)
• Head Dividers

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