Pump milk more efficiently, while preserving milk quality

The SmartDrive milk pump controller makes milk pumping and cooling more efficient, by controlling the pump to ensure milk is pumped continuously at a slower speed to maximise the efficiency of your primary plate cooler.

By eliminating the stopping and starting of the pump, SmartDRIVE achieves slow, gentle and continuous milk transportation to preserve milk quality. With a Variable Speed Control you are able to select a gentle speed for milk pumping, and increase the speed for the wash mode to maximise efficiency. A remote milk/wash control kit is also available.


The SmartDRIVE milk pump controller allows you to maximise your milk pumping and efficiency, while preserving your milk quality.

Robust stainless steel construction

High quality, durable IP rated stainless steel enclosure

Minimise back pressure, maximise milk quality

Constant gentle milk flow minimises the back pressure on the milk filters, while preserving milk quality.

Programmable / Selectable modes

Programmable milk pump speed to match milk levels, and selectable automatic/manual mode for dedicated milk or washing phases

What's Included:
  • SmartDRIVE Controller Unit:  Some text to go here to explain roughly what it is
  • Probe:  This level probe measures pump and water volume
  • Mounting Bracket:  for quick and easy installation.

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