A comprehensive and automatic wash, at the touch of a button

SmartWASH is a completely programmable automated wash system for your milking machine, with a selectable range of comprehensive wash scenarios.

With the versatility to manage any wash scenario for your plants requirements, SmartWASH enables you to meet all of your current hygiene standards and regulations. The SmartWASH controller has been designed to provide total flexibility and constant reliability, and the modern touchscreen technology ensures a simple and user-friendly interface for the operator. At the touch of a button you can select a wash scenario to suit your requirements and manage an efficient cleaning regime for your milking system. When using a SmartWASH system, this means there is no requirement for operators to be handling chemicals.

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See where the SmartWASH system can help automate your plant wash


The SmartWASH system’s programmed wash scenarios save time and labour.

Automatic wash control

Selectable wash scenarios created from a comprehensive menu, at the touch of a button

Day by day programming

A repeatable, efficient and reliable wash cycle every time

Programmable acid, alkali or sanitiser washes

Accurate detergent dispensing minimises cleaning chemical wastage

What's Included:
  • Smartwash Controller:  with touchscreen interface
  • Pneumatics enclosure:  to control air driven valves
  • Wash tub level sensors and temperature probes
  • Chemical pumps:  to safely dispense cleaning chemicals
  • Stainless Steel pick up and divert valves:  to control wash water flow and directions
  • High capacity cold and hot water valves:  ensure fast tub fill

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