The WalkoverSPRAYER has been designed for herringbone and parallel dairies to accurately teat spray cows as they enter or exit the milking parlour to improve your efficiency and efficacy.

The system identifies individual cows and automatically adjusts the spray timing based on cow speed, to ensure accurate spray coverage regardless of how fast the cow is moving over the unit. At a normal walking pace the WalkoverSPRAYER automatically deploys two spray nozzles to accurately spray all four teats, and deploys all four nozzles if the cows are moving faster. The WalkoverSPRAYER suits small, medium and large-size dairies and solid panels can be fitted to the yard rails on each side of the unit to help prevent spray drift if the system will be located in a windy environment.

See it in action

See how the WalkoverSPRAYER improves teat spraying accuracy and reliability.


The WalkoverSPRAYER uses intelligent sensor technology to ensure excellent coverage, every time.

Optical sensor technology for accurate coverage

Automatically deploys two or four spray nozzles according to the speed of the cows entering or exiting the milking parlour.

Automatic nozzle wash function

Reduces teat spray build-up and ensures that the nozzles are always clean and clear of contaminants.

Robust construction

Engineered from stainless steel with no moving parts for durability, reliability, longevity and performance.

What's included:

Sprayer unit:  With no moving parts, maintenance is reduced and ensures reliability and longevity.

Controller unit: PCB Controller with push button adjustment.

Sensor: Detects the cow and automatically deploys two or four spray nozzles depending on the speed of the cow through the raceway.

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