Automate your milking, and future-proof your milking systems

The ECR Plus combines the most advanced ACR / Detacher functions with the collection and communication of milking information configured to suit your farms individual requirements.

Designed to be the heart of your milking automation, ECR Plus allows you to add other milking automation devices using our Plug ’n’ Play technology to collect important real-time information from your herd. These can include yield, flow rates, milking time, and the ability to control pulsation and measure milk conductivity for udder health issues and display alerts. The ECR Plus system is designed to integrate with the DairyHQ™ Parlour Management software which enables powerful features including staff alerts for withholding cows as they enter the machine, and identifying abnormal milkings as they occur. The milking data generated by the ECR Plus system and connected devices can also be used within the DairyHQ™ Dairy Management software to make timely and informed decisions for your milking herd.

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ECR Plus maximises milking automaton and efficiency, and the collection and communication of your milking information.

Feature-packed automation technology

Includes all features of the ECR-S system plus Claw Drop, Pre-Spray and Fixed Point Take Off

Powerful data management and communication

Seamless integration with our DairyHQ™ Dairy Management System allows for milking alarms and much more

Future-proof your milking system

True Plug ’n’ Play technology can be configured to suit your milking requirements today, while allowing for future expansion by simply plugging in new technology

What's included
  • ECR-PLUS ram: Cup remover cylinder and integrated control circuit board. Accurate and reliable milking of your animals
  • EZY-Start as standard: ECR Plus is started by simply lifting cluster
  • DairyHQ Control: Allows for settings and parameter changes from your phone or PC. Can be upgraded to control all aspects of your parlour including Sorting, ID, Feeding and Milk weights.
  • ControlSWITCH: touch-activated switch which gives visible alerts to the operator

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What you can add

Electronic Milk Meter

Real-time milking data to monitor and improve your herd’s productivity and performance.

Yield Indicator

Improve your herd management decisions by monitoring every animal’s milking performance.

User Display

Monitor each animal’s status in real-time, and detect issues immediately.


Reduce your labour and increase your productivity with SmartD-TECTs automation technology.

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